1/48 F-104 aftermarket sets

Yes, I know I said that I wasn't going to buy any more kits...

But, I'm looking for a bit of a challenge that I can build in slow time in parallel with my normal builds. When I build jets, they are in 1/72, so I'm thinking of something in 1/48. My abiding memory of working on aircraft is that they spend most of their time sat on the deck with all the panels open - usually with a gang of groundcrew stood round, scratching their heads and muttering "Wot the bluddy hell is wrong wiv it *now* ?" In that case I want to build my 1/48 jet with everything open and drooped. Flaps, slats, airbrakes, panels... you name it, I want it open.

I'm also pleased with my results with Alclad 2, so I want to do something with a natural metal finish - like I said, I want a challenge. And as I've just completed a CF-104, and thoroughly enjoyed it, then I think that's my baby!

There is a plethora of aftermarket detail kits for the F-104 available in

1/48 - very confusing. If you had the choice of any of them, which would you get?
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Enzo Matrix
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I've used the Cutting Edge and Aires cockpits and both are quite good.

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Ron Smith

I suppose that you picked either Hasegawa or Revell:

- Cutting Edge for the thingies on the inside of the canopy (demisters, or the like) although they won't spare you some scratchbuilding;

- Cutting Edge for the C1 seat if you need one; the Aires set comes with decent C2 and MB GQ7 seats;

- Aires for wheel bays, exhaust nozzle and cockpit (be prepared for a LOT of sanding). Check your references, for some versions, the exhaust nozzle and afterburner ring aren't the right ones;

- CMK for electronics/engine/gun bay/radar. The set comes with a cockpit and wheel bay, maybe the fit is better than Aires - don't know, I still have to try that.

- Eduard for the instruments panel and all the fiddly bits (antennas, incidence sensor, front gear scissors, canopy locking mechanism etc);

- Edouard again for masks;

- Fine Molds for a pitot tube;

I have the Verlinden set (electronics bay, ladder, radar and some additional stuff); but it's pretty crude, compared to the CMK set, and IMHO not worth the price.

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Serge D. Grun

Excellent! Thanks for the advice.

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Enzo Matrix

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