1/700 or so MiG-23s?

I remember someone making some 1/700 jet fighters, F-15s, MiG-25s, etc.
Anyone know if anyone made a MiG-23?
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The most prolific source of 1/700 aircraft has been Pit-Road/Skywave. I can't tell you if they did any of these but they have relesed some of their more standard sets with with bonus aircraft in limited edition white metal. Another possible source is White ensign Models who have an extensive selection of resin aircraft in this scale.
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John Benson
Tsukuda has a couple Hot Jets series;USAF: F-5E, F-15, F-16 and A-10A USN: F-14A, F/A-18, EA-6B, A-7E USSR: Su-15, MiG 23, Su-7, MiG 25 I don't believe they are 1/700 as listed, they seem a bit too small. The same with their Axis and Allies WIIs. Skywave/Pitroad WWII sets are bigger. Good luck in finding them.
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Pit Road, as others have mentioned, are the 1/70 specialists, but don't seem to have a MiG 23 - until now!
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Unfortunately, you have to buy a set with a load of others, and they are very pricey...
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