1/72 Decal sets for Pearl Harbor P40B?

Hi. I was wondering, does anyone make a 1/72 decal set for a P-40B stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack by Japan? I was hoping to build one of these, but I can't find any kits with this particular scheme. I would try to print the decals myself but I haven't dropped the cash on an Alps MD so I can't print in white :(.


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Michael Gaskins
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I've done several pearl P-40s and P-36s,and just used rub on letters and numbers on clear decal sheets.

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How far off the mark are the pre-war P-36A markings? I remember them in 1:72 kits by Revell and UPC (re-molded Japanese kit). You'd need four wing star-in-the-circle, two as well for the fuselage, the words "U.S. ARMY" for the underside of the wing and the tail stripes. Or am I off the mark?

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The Old Timer

The real trick is finding out exactly how each pilot's plane was marked. I've looked for 30 years with no luck determining how LT Taylor and LT Welsh's planes were marked. Of course there were other heros in the air that day, but these two got a nice spread in TORA TORA TORA.

My guess is, the details were lost in the confusion of battle but if anyone knows of a good solid source of information, PLEASE email it to me and post it here for others.


Jim Klein

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West Coast Engineering

Not a P-40 expert by any means, but in the P-40 Tomahawk in Profile book, there is a color plate of a Hickham Field P-40 at the time of the attack. Not sure how accurate the artist's rendition is, but it's a very simple scheme: OD/Gray with white serial numbers and national insignia (with the red dot), along with US Army in black on the underside of the wings. It would be pretty simple to recreate this scheme with existing decal sheets.

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