Accurate Miniatures 1/48 SB2U Vindicators

They're coming!! Check out the news and photos at Cybermodeler Online

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Michael Benolkin
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Oh my word! I think I'll be investing in a couple of those!

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Enzo Matrix

I too seem to be on the verge of a weak moment.....


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Bruce Apple

I hope I am not the only one thinking of doing the French version...

Keith Walker

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Been practicing with the airbrush, eh? 8-) No, you're not the only one. But it would have to come in after I did a USMC Midway aircraft.

D> I hope I am not the only one thinking of doing the French version... >

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Don McIntyre

I think only one of the Vindicators had that crazy camo pattern that is shown on the Azur box painting.

Most were just overall gray.

The hardest part of the conversion, besides decals is that the French version was unique in having dive brakes. French bombs would also have to be scratch built. and I wonder where I can get Darne 7.5mm mg for the back seat??

Best source of info I know of, good ole' Squadron Signal #122!!!

Keith Walker

: > Keith Walker :

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Update on my French Vindicator:

Was able to order a copy of a Modelart decal sheet that has a Vindicator marking. Only two squadrons had them: AB1 & AB3. AB1 was active in the Dunkirk evacuation, and AB3 was active in the Mediterranean even sinking an Italian Submarine.

Also, Aeroclub has Darne mg's.

Now what to do about the dive brakes???

Keith Walker

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