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PE frets are being dropped for cast white metal parts in future sets.
(As most of these parts are supposed to be three dimensional this is
not a downgrade!)
Guns may be ordered separately (heavy guns are $14.95 and small
broadside guns $4.95 each).
The 7" gun with the Alabama is a Blakely rifle, not a Brook rifle (mea
Check out their line of CIM-rope scale rigging ropes, very nice
Cookie Sewell
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For those who do not make US Civil War models, there's something even for tanks and vehicles. Scale rope for tow cables. I have used some rigging rope left over from the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) instead of the rigid plastic tow cable included in the vehicle models, but I have run out of rope.. I cut the ends off the plastic cable and glue the rope to the ends. It can be draped anyway you want, or stretched between vehicles for a diorama. Pretty cheap for 15 feet of scale rope. Between 90 cents to $3.35, depending upon diameter size.
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