Any aftermarket decals for Su-24s?

I have the Dragon DML Su-24 in 1/72 and would like aftermarket decals for
the Iranian AF birds (I have a threat aircraft gallery to go along with my
USAF/N/MC collection). Are there any available? Thanks in advance.
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Matt Wiser
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To my knowledge there are at least 3 decal sheets for the Fencer: 2 from Cutting Edge (Meteor Production) and one from Hi Decal Line. I don't remember exactly, but I think that the HDL and at least one of the 2 Cutting Edge sheets have markings for an iranian Fencer. Maybe on squadron website there's a picture of the decal sheets.
Btw, a russian company called Strim (or Stream) just released a much better kit of the Fencer (it's available from Hannants in western europe and from Linden Hill Imports in Usa). And of course this happened while I was finishing my Dragon Fencer !!!
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