Any 1/72 F-4Ds around?

I've noticed there have been several 1/72 F-4D kits by Fujimi, Hasegawa, etc. Are any of these still around or are they OOP? I'd like to do two: one USAF and one IIAF (I had a Mideast History Professor who lived in Iran in the early 1970s and several of his students became IIAF Pilots-this is for him).Any help finding a couple of Ds would be appreciated. TIA.

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Matt Wiser
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Keep track on Ebay, I know that there's at least one of the older Monogram kits available within the next day or so. I'd suggest going to the search screen and typing in:

1/72 -corgi -hongwell -zoids -cararama -die -diecast -schuco -vw

That'll get you the list which will be most tailored to kits only. Just be sure to keep checking every couple days, D kits in that scale show up on a relgular basis.

Also keep in mind, as basic as it is, the MPC/Airfix Phantom kit is buildable as both a B/J and C/D kit.

Hope this helps!

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Drew Hill

Not really, since it lacks the prominent wing bulges of all but the B and N versions.

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Al Superczynski

There's nothing wrong with the Monogram kit, unless you're allergic to raised panel lines. There are also the Fujimi and Hasegawa kits to consider, but they don't show up quite that often, and the Hasegawa is much more expensive. HLJ hase been promising a re-release of the Fujimi for half a year now; if they ever show up for real, that would be the recommended kit.


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Rob van Riel

And what about AMT/Esci? Their F-4C/D looks quite good to me...


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The ESCI C/D kits are excellent. Like the Fujimi early D, the RWR under the nose doesn't have the distinctive D bump, but overall its a beautiful kit that goes together nicely.

The Monogram F-4C is probably the most detailed with a good cockpit and some external stores (The jammer pods are nice to have).

Question: Did anyone else have trouble assembling the Hasegawa F-4 wings? If you follow the directions and just plug the outboard segment into the inner wing, I had a nasty step between the wing halves.

ESCI, Fujimi, and Monogram get away with on-piece top wings that incorporate the folding portion.


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