MiG 28 kits?

Did any manufacturer ever produce a MiG 28 kit?

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IIRC, Testors released an F-5 or T-38 with MiG-28 markings. Some other mfr. did too, I think, tho not listed as being from the movie "Top Gun".

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... or was it just a nice fake


(I still like that movie, btw)

Greetings, Jan

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Jan Gelbrich

It was just a film prop. The movie industri didn't make the movie with modellers in mind. I still like the movie too though....

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Claus Gustafsen

I doubt there ever was a 'real' MiG-28 but if anyone's an authority here it would be Mr. Duffey.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

Aitfix released their F5 in Mig-28 markings, and with Top Gun branding. They did the Tomcat and Skyhawk too.


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John Walker

No such animal as a MiG-28.... What you saw in "Top Gun" were Northrop F-5E & F Freedom Fighters- dressed up as anonymous enemy MiGs.

Testors did do "Top Gun" licensed kits back in the 80's, one was a

1/72 F-5 Adversary seen in the movie. Kinda boring paint scheme IHMO.

If you want to see some sexy paint schemes that actual F-5 Adversary squadrons used- steer yourself over to twobobs.net and peruse their Decal section and Galleries.

So do I. Can't help it. Very old school Hollywood formulaic, but still a fun movie. (not for rivet counters or accuracy hounds though!) :-)


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Saturn S. Padua

Aside from the aforementioned F-5E that was the stand-in in the movie (and subsequent footage used by JAG and others), the closest things to MiG-28s in "real-life" would be the more radical permutations of the Chinese Chengdu F-7/J-7 Airguard family (derived from MiG-21s, which the F-5E "simulated" for the real Top Gun and Red Flag programs). In particular, the FC-1 (originally the Super 7) which has actual Mikoyan backing, strongly resembles the F-5 with its lateral air intakes and reshaped tailplanes.

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I am unaware of any scale model kits of the FC-1, although MiG-21 kits are very common and are made by all the major companies (those that do aircraft kits, anyway).

Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922 {Sig Quotes Removed on Request}

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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce

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