Any ORIGINAL Galactica models out there?

Does anyone know where original Galactica models may be found? Looking for Battlestar (at least three needed), and Viper. TIA.

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Matt Wiser
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Hub & Diane Plott

Gentlemen, rest assured that the Galactica kits were NOT re-issued just last year. If they were you would still be able to find them at the mom and pop. They in fact were re-issued once in 1999, then discontinued. The only places you probably will find any of the re-issues is at a swap or on Ebay. Good Hunting, Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

and if you find any Galacticas on ebay you're gonna pay top pricing for it. last one I saw on there was $75.00 at last bid. The Basestar can be obtained for a more resonable amount but it'll probably go uo in price too. The Viper and Raider are still a decent price, just slightly above retail.

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Phil Campbell

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