Anyone else getting Spam from

This is the third one. The previous two, I followed their instructions to be removed from their email list and I still get them.

Anyone else getting this crap or know who the hell they are?



Dear RoofDL,

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I get spam from someone called "Wotch". I've tried several times to get them to stop with no results. Jerry 47

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jerry 47

It's possible to find out who owns any given Internet domain through a process called a "whois lookup". Here's the applicable results for


Created on..............: Sat, May 11, 2002 Expires on..............: Wed, May 11, 2005 Record last updated on..: Mon, Oct 13, 2003

Administrative Contact: Charles G. Myung Charles Myung po box 8181 Newport Bch, CA 92658 US Phone: 714-269-1198 Fax..: 714-903-6778 Email:

Since this outfit is located in the USA and they aren't honouring your unsubscribe requests, you might want to mention the new CAN-SPAM Act to their administrative contact.

Hope this helps.

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Rob Kelk

in article, RoofDL at wrote on 1/22/04 1:00 PM:

Never heard of 'em. Guess you are just lucky Dave!


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Milton Bell

The ideal is never to respond to spam in any way whatever. Clicking a 'take me off this list' link should really be called a 'confirm this is a live email address' link. Also try installing anti-spyware software such as Ad-aware 6, as you may have covert software on your machine that attracts that stuff. You can download it from, or search for Lavasoft's website

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this helps, Chek

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There's one Charles Muyng in Santa Ana, a physician. He's apparently been affiliated with another outfit:

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Toni Lassila

My experience has been that most of the SPAM that has an "unsubscribe" button, when you try the button it doesn't work. Just some gimmick they attach to look like they are trying not to be obnoxious.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Oh, the "unsubscribe" button works - it tells the stereotypical spammer that (a) your e-mail address works, and (b) you read enough of the spam to find the "unsubscribe" information. They unsubscribe you from their "these addresses might work" list, as advertised, but immediately subscribe you to their "these addresses definitely work" list. Then they sell *that* list to other spammers, who add your e-mail address to their "these addresses might work" list. (Selling lists of verified e-mail addresses to other spammers is where the big money in spamming can be found.)

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Rob Kelk

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