Basic Oil Paint Colors?

Can anyone recommend a basic set of oil paint colors for an experienced modeler beginning to use oil paints in washes and drybrushing?

Generally build WWII era 1/48 scale Aircraft and 1/35 scale Armor.



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Richard Nicoletti
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A good palette to begin with: black, white, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, Naples yellow. This will allow you to make just about any "brown" and/or "gray" that you want. And go ahead and splurge for the best oils. Get the Winsor Newton "Artists' Oils". Do *not* get the "Winton" student-line colors; as they are gummy, "oily", and quite lacking in the pigment department. And use plain old mineral spirits to thin them; the cheaper the better. They sould be thinned

*only* when used for a wash. If being used for drybrushing, then do *not* thin them. A little goes a very long way. These tubes you buy, will last for the rest of your life....
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Greg Heilers

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