Minimum Required Paint List ???

has anyone prepared a list of the basic paints to get started/restarted
in this crazy hobby?
I've not touched my stash in ages (but kept buying) Pretty sure most of
my paints are lost.
I know Life Color makes packages of basic colors. anyone know of
Looking for the basics for the following types of kits:
WWII Germany
WWII Japan
WWII Great Britain
WW II Germany
Building kits has been the easy part for me, but they never seem to get
painted. I figured if I at least had the basic colors that might be a
little motivation to finish one of these little buggers.
thx guys - Craig
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=== Wow, that's a good one. However, to start your paint inventory again, the easiest way to go is to see what colors are needed for a particular kit. Buy those, and do the same for subsequent kits. In no time your inventory will be back to about 200 paint bottles and 150 spray cans.
Cheers, now go build something,
Ray Austin, TX ===
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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman
Hello Craig,
VALLEJO or ANDREA sell basic sets for armor, uniforms and A/C. These are acrylic paints and each set contains 16 plastic jars allowing easy mixing and good on economy (you can use a single drop of paint at the time). They have a range of about 220 colors and also a special range for use with airbrush.
Hope this helps
Cheers J-P
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I've got Humbrol paints that would be 20 years old ,never opened but ,pick up the tin and shake it and you can hear the paint slopping about inside. I was looking for some matt white the other day ,and opened a tin of Humbrol of the same vintage as above ,I stirred it into life ,put some in my airbrush cup mixed with turpentine and it went through the brush fine as you like. Most of my Tamiya enamels are at least 6 years old ,I find them ok, some get very thick ,but some turpentine gets them back to life again. The old Tamiya enamels have a plastic insert in the lid that fits in the bottle opening and a flange that seals the edge. The modelmaster enamels are only two or three years old ,never had them go thick or dry out. The Tamiya acrylics are ok as well ,I'm always checking my paints as I live in a very tropical enviroment and paint dries very fast. In my workshop during the late dry season the temps would be getting close to 60C during the day, too hot to work so I paint at night. I ocassionally add some turps to enamels that look like they are loosing the thinner . I make sure I clean the bottle top and sealing edge before I screw them down tightly after using them..
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