Hi all,
I'm thinking of buying a Dremel tool, but on the shelves of my local
DIYstore there were some 5-6 models.
What do I need to check?
I've seen different speeds (5.000 - 25.000 or 10.000 to 33.000 rpm),
different wattages and voltages and cordless or not...
Any tips?
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Wim Mahieu
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Wim Mahieu
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I sold my variable speed a few years ago and went to the single speed with a foot control (works like a sewing machine). More expensive that way, but you have contol of speed from 0 to max (25,000)rpm.
None of the variable speed units will go slow enough to keep from melting plastic. Never tried it on resin.
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Yeah, like they said, I find my little (old...) rechargable two speed the handiest, since I'm never doing anything that needs serious oomph. And like they said, the batteries don't last as long as I'd like, either per charge or in general (it came with two batteries, should have been a clue), but it's still the handiest. I see the newer Dremel rechargables seem to be beefier.
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Speaking of Dremel...
As I approached the Dremel display at my local Home Depot, a small tv at the front of the display started pitching a commercial at me. Turns out it has a motion sensor and starts whenever someone approaches. I was furious. I hate having nagging voices intrude on my shopping. I let the clerks knao how I feel and asked them to convey my feelings to the store management. When I returned to the store it was still there so, of course I now avoid that Dremel display.
Please join me in avoiding any Dremel display that has that intrusive automeated commercial device. If we tolerate it there will be more of them.
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