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To all you guys that gave suggestions about my Dremel tool overheating, many
thanks for your kind suggestions.
I finally got the cable off the motor and pulled the inner cable from the
flex-hose. While it wasn't bone-dry, it definately need a lube! And while that
reduced the heat to the all-aluminum handle, I still had to make an insulator
for that as well. But all in all, I think that I have the problem licked.
Turns out that it's just as well that this task worked. I went to Wally World
with the flex hose only to find that the hose that Dremel makes now shares no
common sized threads with the one that I have. If my fix-it didn't work I'd be
looking at replacing the whole set-up.
RMS, whadda group of guys!
Thanx again!
-- John
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Black & Decker make a flex shaft that will fit the Dremel tool...and it's half the price!
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