Best late war Sherman kit in 1/35?


Have not modelled a Sherman for a few years, and so could someone point me in the direction of an accurate 1/35 kit. No particular mark needed, just a late version. So many kits out these days.



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I built Dragon's Sherman Firefly kit several years ago and thought it was the best Sherman I've built (and I've built a lot of them). It even came with some photo-etched parts, which was a nice touch. Obviously there were Shermans that appeared later in the war than that, such as the ones with the newer suspension system, but I've never built one of those for some reason.

I'll temper that by noting that I have not built either of the more recent Shermans released by Tamiya a couple years ago (one 75mm gun and another 105mm howitzer, and both came with some infantry figures). I don't know how many new parts were incorporated into those kits, though I imagine most of them were the same old Sherman parts Tamiya has been selling for years.

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The Tamiya Shermans are basically fine, except for the M4A3E2 Jumbo, which has an undersized turret and lacks the correct transmission cover. Easy builds, can be improved with photoetch for the headlight/taillight guards, periscope guards and mounting strips for the dust shields. Dragon is about to release a Sherman VC Firefly which may correct the dimensional and detail errors in their earlier kits. The tracks on Dragon kits are individual links with separate connectors, which you either love or hate. Dragon also did WW2 and Korean versions of the M4A3E8 with the HVSS suspension, and an M4A3 howitzer/Flamethrower tank used by the USMC in Korea. All nice. AFV Club has done new HVSS suspension and track kits if you want to improve it a bit. The Italeri M4A1 is an oldie but goody. Needs the same PE bits that the Tamiya kits do, and the step in the gun barrel needs to be sanded out, but it's basically quite nice. You should texture the cast armor a bit, using liquid cement or a texturing coat like Gunze's "Mr. Surfacer." Italeri's M4A3 kits are fine Gerald Owens

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