can you use future on vacuform canopies?

its not gonna melt it or anything ,is it?

never worked with vacuform before - got a 1/32 Mosquito and the canopy is not completely clear. No scratches or smudges, but I can see where future would be a big help...

thx - Craig

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keep it away from alcohol and amonia and you're set. did a vac formed squadron canopy with future and everyone who sees it asks me how i did it.

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Not at all. It's the best thing in the world for a sparkling clear canopy. And you can even put it on the floor : )

Just dip the whole canopy and place it one kleenex or paper towel to dry. You'll probably want to let the large drips fall back into the bottle before placing it to dry. Put a clean plastic tub overtop to keep the dust off, and it should be dry within 15 minutes or so. Leave it overnight to be really certain.

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Jeff C

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