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Well, I'm lucky enough to live in North America where Future Polish is readily available. My question is: How does one use this on a model? From the little I've read, it's applied *after* the final painting..but, I've also heard others claim it can be 'wet-sanded' between coats of paint. (This makes no sense to me as I understand the product to be a 'finishing-type' polish. In any case, I tried a trial section on a piece of smooth, Testor's painted, plastic car roof. Didn't work too well at all! However, I wasn't sure how to apply the Future. I simply wiped on a light coating, waited a few minutes and tried to wipe off. There was 'frosting' and 'hazing' I can't remove. Obviously, I did something wrong..but what?

Any help mucho appreciated Jon

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Hi Jon, The term 'polish' is what threw you off.

Future is actually an acrylic clear coat and not a polish per se. Just paint it on as you would any clear coat (you can airbrush, but there is normally no need as it brushes beautifully with a good brush). Dries very quickly, but let it sit for a few days before applying decals.

I think Future can be removed with ammonia (nasty) or many glass cleaners. If you use a water-based acrylic paint, this may be damaged and you can try just brushing on another coat of Future and let it dry. Worth a shot.

Future can also be used for canopies and windows by simply dipping the part in future and letting it dry under a dust cover. Make sure the part is clean and you might want to 'rub it in' while wet before the final dip. Just make sure to use dust-free tools, but if you get dust in there, more Future will dissolve the prior coat.

Cheers, Sten

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Why did you try to wipe it off? You simply apply and let it dry. Curt

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put it on fairly wet and let it dry like you would on your floor (special bonus!) will dry to a "wet look" hard acrylic finish.

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