Canadian 'North Star' ?

just picked up a copy of the history of the Canadair North Star and the
latest FSM with the preview on the C-54....
and the 300+ plus kits in the stash get pushed back by one more new
who has any ideas of a Merlin conversion for the new 1/144 kit so I can have
a North Star ?
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Bill TGH
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You probably could kitbash the Welsh Models Argonaut's Merlins with the Minicraft C-54 to get a North Star.
Jim Bates Akron, Ohio
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Jim Bates
Another reference you might like is "National Treasure; History of Trans Canada Airlines". By Pigott. Discusses development of North Star for TCA, some photos. Cheers,
Doc H
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Doc Hopper
And Welsh will probably sell them to you separately:
formatting link
Whisky Jack Decals will be doing a TCA decal shortly.
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Jeff C
The old Crown Lancaster? It's still in the Minicraft line.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak

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