conversion from f-14d to f14a VF-84


this is a continuation of my previous email. i found that the revell kit which i have (4729 on has wrong cockpit console for the radio officer, also, since revell supposedly adapted a f-14a kit to this one, there are some things they never changed. so, i am going to try to back-convert this to the VF-84 scheme ( i like the decal scheme much more on VF-84 birds compared to the default decals which are the vf-2 and the vf-124).

If anyone on this group has build f14-a tomcats in the 1:48 scale, and has spare parts, please let me know. specifically, am looking for the older seats, cockpit consoles, VF-84 high vis decals, to mention just a few things. i can pay for the material if it is only a reasonable amount.



PS: lets take a vote for the most popular modern jet aircraft plastic model, and i believe it will be a close run between the F-14 and the F-18.

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Vinod Cherian
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Where does the voting take place ???

"Vinod Cherian" skrev i meddelandet news:

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Mig21 springs to mind, never mind a F4

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Yeah - I'd have to lean toward the F-4 if I had to guess.

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