Heads up gents: CAM Decal 48-005. Very bad error! Decal sheet 48-005: VF-74, has Ltjg John Koch as pilot and Lt Chuck Heatly as RIO. They should be reversed. I was the Ordnance Officer in VF-74 at the time and personally knew both guys. Lt Chuck "Heater" Heatly was one of the pilots who was responsible for the paint scheme that put the cockpit on the bottom of the F4 to confuse the opposition. Ltjg John "Horse" Koch was a very good RIO. Both were ushers at my second wedding at the base chapel at NAS Oceana, VA. CWO Dick Goldsberry USN RET....

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If you examine all the CAM decal sheets I am sure you'll find that none of them are correct. Other Phantom sheets have decals with incorrect proportions and/or non-existing serial numbers.


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