Cool, got it...

Some time back, when I picked up the old Monogram "A-18," I noted that you
could see the fill ins for the prototype "long" LEX slots, and the part
numbers for "Grey" and "Whte." I couldn't recall seeing a 1/48 prototype
Hornet from Monogram.
Well, just won one. Looks (from the box top) like it has the dogtoothed
leading edge, though it doesn't seem to have the horiz. stab's cutout. Not
that I mind... Might have to use it as a pattern for the Testors B-model (to
backdate - cheap enough that I can goof up a kit or two doing that.)
Thing is, I've seen *not one* review of this boxing anywhere. Anyone know
of any? I'm curious to see if the diagonal "cut in" on the front fuselage
(LEX to nose attachment) is there yet, this early in the series.
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In the back of Detail & Scale F-18 Hornet, Vol 1 - there is a review of the "Monogram 1/48 Scale F-18 Hornet" that does not mention the kit number, but claims that the kit is molded in white - presumably, this would be your kit.
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Think that book's still in storage - IIRC, the reviewed kit was the corrected (grey, "A-18") version...
Oh, while I'm at it, are general markigns and color on the AIM-7 the same now as then (barring grey fins?)
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Got my D&S Hornet book on hand - it refers to a kit molded in white - this is in Vol 1, not the later Vol 2 which coveres C and D models and speculates a bit on early E/F.
Most of the AIM-7 fins I've seen lately are bare metal - titanium Metallizer should work for the color. The missile bodies are grey.
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