Learned something 'again' today

For the second time I 'won' something on ebay that did not turn out to be what it seemed. I now have two F-4Es in my attempts to get an ungunned F-4 in 1/144th. A couple months back I picked up a Heller boxing of the old Arii/Otaki/Crown F-4 because the picture on the box showed an F-4C or D. When I received it it was just the E with the decals for a C.

This time it was in a Trumpeter box and supposed to be an S model. The decals are, the fuselage is not. Think I'll try a little surgery on them and see if I can get an RF-4 from one of them and shorten the nose on the other.

Apparently you cannot get an earlier F-4 unless it is in the Otaki box.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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