"Ladders" on the side of the USS Yorktown ?

I'm sure I'm using the incorrect word, but it seems odd to add these
things to the finished kit. See link.
Were they stowed away after all boarding is completed? Just does not
look right to see these things.
thx - Craig
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Musicman59 wrote the following:
Just don't add them unless you are making a waterline model and want it to represent the ship being anchored out. Good luck finding 1/485 Captain's Gigs and crew launches to tie off to the ladders.
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When underway, I'm sure they were taken up and either taken inboard or rigged along side.
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This is one of those times where you want to get an actual picture of the ship in the phase of operation you are building. I believe they were taken in and totally stowed when underway. Also helpful in assuring a realiztic deck placement for the aircraft, and the right types of aircraft are included for the specific timeframe, along with the appropriate aircraft camoflage
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Gangplanks they are called.
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