Is this paint really for tank treads ?

Don't recall treads being brown.


No color of the paint is offered with this link.

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There is a type of track made with a high percentage of manganese which does not rust but instead gets a dark brown patina to it. These are found on tanks like the early KV series and the Valentines made in Canada among others.

Most tanks tended to use milder steels which are prone to surface rusting and as such are not brown.

Note that most "Track Color" paints are for model railroading and not military modeling -- this one seems a bit different.

Cookie Sewell

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on 3/16/2008 11:36 PM said the following:

Its Testor number is 2150, which is a Model Master II Military enamel. The current Model Master II color chart only goes up to 2146, which is a Decal setting solution. However, 2150 is a color in the WWII Mid/Late British Armor camouflage set. #170024 on this page:

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