F-18 prototype 1

Well, the (old) Monogram kit showed up, full LEX slots, wing dogtooth and
Looking through photos, I don't see the tail formation light strips - or any
panels for them. Am I right in thinking these need to be sanded off? (My D&S
on the F-18 prototypes isn't with me at the moment, either...)
And I see just *how* early the annoying Diagonal Line of No Detail appeared
on the kit (from LEX edge to nose, lower fuselage.) Ah well, not like I
haven't fixed that before.
Given the vent locations and such, I think I'll end up having to paint (at
least) the gold fuselage markings...
Any suggestions, for anyone remembering this kit?
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If you have or can locate IPMS Quarterly, Vol.16, No.3 there are many colour diagrams therein. Apparently the upper planview of #1 was published in 15Q1 which I'd love to see. There is one picture of #1 at the beginning of the article and I don't see any sign of light strips on the vertical fin. I'm currently spending some time with the old 1/144th F-18 for which I scratched new horizontal stabs with the 'snag'.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
The picture of Hornet 1 in D&S Vol 1, pages 3 and 33 show that it did NOT have formation lights in the tails. The picture of #2 on page 8, however does have them.
What I do know is that the original 7 FSD jets received numerous configuration changes throughout the test program - depending on when you choose to depict any one of them, you are going to find various things different - for example, if you are planning on depicting Hornet 1 as it rolled out the ailerons should be smaller/shorter and not extend to the wing tip. Good shot of #7 in this config on page 18. The AIM-7 wells/fairings on the cheeks changed, too. Check your refs.
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