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Hello everyone. I'm working on a diorama, and would appreciate some input. Can anyone tell me the earliest known winter battles between US troops and German soldiers in WW2? I don't need specific details on the battle, but a month and year would be great. Thanks for any help.


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My bet would be Italy. Look up "The Story of GI Joe", made in 1944 with veterans of that campaign as extras--might be an idea there.

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Tom Cervo

February 14, 1943. The Battle at Kasserine Pass. Not only was it the first winter battle, it was the first major battle between the two armies period. The Germans won handily. No snow, but plenty of mud and rain at times.

If you mean winter battles as in the presence of snow, the Winter Line campaign in Italy might be right. Mostly rain, sleet and mud, but they did get snow coverage at higher elevations. So December 1943 thru January 1944 would be a possibility. Few vehicles on the slopes though. Lots of ground pounders and mules.

If you mean "up to your ass in snow" kind of conditions, there was plenty of opportunities for that in December of 1944 , in both the Italian and in the Western Europe theaters.

Good luck with the dio.


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