Crazy Horse Memorial

Some people in South Dakota are actually taking a scuplture of a man
on a horse and scaling it UP 300 times onto a mountain....
For those interested in the Crazy Horse Memorial, in South Dakota,
visit and join the discussion group:
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A 600 foot tall mountain is being carved in-the-round into the
likeness of Sioux Leader Crazy Horse in South Dakota. It's been in
progress since 1948 and is the world's largest sculpture. The face
alone, which has been completed in 1998 is already the world's largest
sculpted portrait. They have been working on blocking out the horse's
head since then and it is half blocked out.
The site, which contains one of the foremost museums of Native
American history and will ultimately contain a University and Medical
Center, truly captures the imagination though there is a lot of
controversy surrounding it.
I have posted several articles on the memorial's creation, engineering
logistics, history and opinion at this discussion group. Anything is
open for discussion. Come by and read the archives or post your
questions or opinions! Whether you are a fan, supporter or detractor,
add your point of view to this group or just read as informative
messages are periodically sent out.
This is a fan-run group and is in no way associated with the Memorial.
The Memorial's website is:
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-Lone Red Rider
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