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Don't know and don't care. However, regardless of your persuasion as an American you should perhaps give the President more than 200-odd days in office to work before making a statement like this, one that sounds innocent but is backhandedly stating that you won't vote for him three and a half years from now no matter what he does. In practice, allowing only two hundred days *is* effectively saying that, no, I won't even give him a chance. If McCain had won, and was struggling, what would you think of Howard Dean saying at this point: "The President's is obviously a failure, given that nothing has been accomplished"? (Don't bother posting how if McCain this, if Obama that, things would be different. That's not the point. The point is that when somebody never liked the guy in the first place a charade of fairness like the statement above doesn't work.)
Besides which, look back to my original story. People don't care about facts. They choose to believe whatever meshes with their pre-conceived notions. If somebody thinks Obama is bad, they gobble up - without any evidence or confirmation - that he is responsible for destroying their pastime. In fact they expect no less.
Remember Dan Quayle? "If I knew I was going to someday visit Latin America I would've paid attention in Latin class"? Well it turns out he never said that. It was a joke, but everyone was certain he was dumb enough to say something like that, so it became fact.
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Even the Washington Post printed an editorial about it, chiding those who passed it on as fact and concluding (as I recall) that enough was enough and that as VP even he deserved to be treated fairly.
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