Done! Avenger in 1/144

Finally done with Minicraft's 1/144 Avenger. Three pics now over on ABMS. I like the way the blue fades to gray, but it's probably too pronounced. I like the way the oil wash looks, especially on the wings. I tossed the clear fuselage window and filled the gaps with Future; very easy and looks great. Lost the gun barrel, lost the tail wheel, lost the antenna, lost the clear part for the "bottom canopy". And I hated the damned canopy and turret. I squash molded them so many times. Argh!! Finally gave up and cleaned up the originals. Painting them was the absolute worst modeling experience ever, my own personal modeling hell. Anyway, it's done. I learned a lot from this and many tricks I'll use on other kits. Next up, Academy's B-47 Stratojet!


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I shall check it out when I get over to abms. The biggest problem with

1/144th models is the canopy frames, IMHO. Decal linings help a little.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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