Eddie Stobart Model Trucks

My mother-in-law has a collection of about 12 model Eddie Stobart trucks. These are all in mint condition with the original boxes. About 4 are "big" size the others are "normal" Corgi size. She wants to sell them as she has lost interest in collecting them.

I am seeking advice on how to sell them. Should we use eBay ? If so should we sell them all as one lot or sell them piece meal .

Any advice gratefully received.

She is located in the west of England.

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Ian Haig
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There's a strong market for them on eBay. You'll get more selling them individually but it's a lot more work and postage for individual items is prohibitive these days.


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The buyer pays the postage or shipping charges. Sell cheap, make it up on shipping! Do like some others do, sell a $15 item for $1 and charge $14 for shipping. Besides, you pay less of a fee to Pay Pal on a $1 item. I would sell them individually. You may not get as much with a bunch of them sold as one item.

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Those kind of people remind me of that hole between yer buttcheeks !


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It is probably worth checking prices on eBay, some of these items, though labelled "collectors" or "limited edition" are precisely that, therefore rarely hold their value.

The simple equation is that they make 1,000 pieces, and probably 980 are still floating around. While they might have made 20,000 of an ordinary model, yet 19,500 are destroyed by 6 year-olds.

The maximium prices will only be realised for items that are mint and boxed, the boxes being in mint condition too.

The last time I attended a local 'toy fair' several stands had "limited edition" trucks at much reduced prices, the term limited edition is much abused by the manufacturers and retailers.

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