Extremely OT: Who has a hot tub?

I live in the SF Bay area and the wife is hinting about a hot tub for
the back yard. Any modeler here who can comment on what it is like
to keep them
up? energy costs, treating the water, and whatever else might come up
with owning one.
thx guys
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who me?
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I have a hot tub in the sun room, not outdoors but with skylights over it and and crankout windows on the south side. Great for the aching back and knees (my wifes).
Operating costs are one heck of a lot less than the pool, my guess that the electrical cost is about $12.00 a month. Go with a 240V system instead a 120V source. Some reason it is easier on heaters
Repair costs? In 14 years I have replaced one pump, one heater, two heat sensors and about one gazillion light bulbs. As long as your eyes are good most of the repairs you can do yourself if you can read a wiring diagram and use a screwdriver and meter.
Chemical costs are negligible. I went the full technical route first with chlorine for a couple of years, then changed over to the non-chlorine stuff (Baqua-whatever). THEN I paid attention to the repair guy and now I add about 1 tablespoon of good grade granular chlorine a day, shock it with non-chlorine shock once every week to ten days and change the water every two months. Do I enjoy it? Well the wife does, I like it better than the pool. Would I buy another? Probably not unless I could get a Doctor's perscription and write part of it off, but I am turning into a cheapskate :-) Usage drops off with the relative newness, but it still gets a lot of use, especially when the outdoor temperature drops. Cat hates it, Scottie is going to fall in one of these days. If indoors you need to be able to vent the area to avoid humidty build up.
Rick Hasn't improved my modeling one darn bit.
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We've had one on a concrete slab in the back yard for about 7 years now. We haven't used it for several months because there's a problem with the motor and it doesn't run at high power.
I couldn't tell you about average operatring costs other than to say they aren't much. I drain it, scrub it, and refill it every couple months and check the bromine and ph every couple days. We have enjoyed it but it has not been troublefree.
We had to replace the cover about 3-4 years ago and that is just one of the periodic expenses of having it outside; it cost about $200+ for a new cover. More annoying have been a couple rather chronic leaks. Each time the repairman comes it's close to $100. I would suggest that, when you buy, spend a bit extra $$ for a higher end model; they seem to be a bit better made and a little less prone to problems over their lifespan.
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Get one with an ozone generator. You balance the ph, and that's about it. If I have company, or someone really stinky in it (daughters friends) I'll put a little chlorine in. I have had it for 8 years on an elevated deck and the worst I've done is buy a new cover twice.
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We have one. Well, it's still at my mother-in-law's until we get a platform built and power run. I don't know about those issues but I can tell you we've had a few fabulous interludes in it if you get my meaning. If your wife is adventurous it is well worth it.
Aside from the wonderful soaks you can take.
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James Brown has a hot tub! Talkin bout the Hot Tub! Goo Gawd, Yeeeeah!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a pool, and a pond. The pond is good enough for me though!
Cheers, Max Bryant
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Hi: you asked about a hot tub but didn't specify the scale - 1/35th, 1/72nd? Too much modeling..... JL
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One of Eddie Murphy's finest moments on SNL!
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Someone got it! Yep Classic Murphy..
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