F-102s Greek AF (was F-102s in SEAC camo)


Thanks to all the folks who replied to my last post.

While searching online I came across some pics of Hellenic F-102s in camo schemes. So... can anyone point me in the right direction to what the camo scheme used was (looks almost SEAC maybe faded?) and, if not SEAC, what colours the Greek AF used, etc?

Thanks again for any help, Ian.

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Like all camoflaged F-102s, the tan was 20400 instead of 30219. This is why it looks faded. 30219 was specified for SEA camoflage after the F-102s were painted. TO-114 specifies 30219 since it was produced after the fact.

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Jessie C

ISTR Greek F-84s were SEA camo colors & patterns. I could be wrong, tho. Maybe the F-102s were also.

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The Hellenic and Many Turkish F-102's were definitely painted in the USAF SEA cammo. If you email me off the newsgroup to remind me I do infact have a TO-114 page that I can scan in and then email to you. My email is snipped-for-privacy@702com.diespammers.net [remove die_spammers to reply] There are several photos in the book "Century Series Fighters" which is a conglomeration of Wings of Fame articles about the F-100 - F-106.

Hope this helps!


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Drew Hill

Check out the 2005 IPMS HELLAS Scale Model Show at

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