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Hi, I picked up Monogram's old Me262 the other day here in Germany. I usually build more modern jets but this one is about to become part of my growing collection of early jets. So I am not an expert on Luftwaffe aircraft. The marking & painting guide in the instructions cover one bird: FH + 9K, as I found out belonging to I/KG51 (Me262 A-2a) To my surprise the decal sheet provides markings for a lot more aircraft (and swastikas too, which is against the law here) Questions: Does anyone know of a good online source for Me262 markings & painting? The sheet contains the following: altogether 3 different blue badges with a jumping greyhound a blue badge with a flower and the No. '5' below yellow '7' outlined in black yellow '2' white '3' white 'B' white '7' outlined in black Green hearts white '8' yellow and white bars serials: 500224, 500071, 110400, 170096, 111625, 110405 I have no idea what planes can be made out of these.

Furthermore I have a decal sheet by 'out of the blue' for white '5' of JV44, belonging to E. Schallmoser. But without adequate painting instructions

The Luftwaffe colours I already have, are: RLM 65, 70 and 71 Are these of any use at all here or do I have to buy others?

Preferably I want a 262 with Green/Green camo and heavy mottling on sides and rudder, not one of those with this strange "green-brown-violet" paint or a clear demarcation line. All this may sound a bit confusing and that describes my state-of-mind in this matter. Last not least needed RLM colour numbers would be a nice info too. Any help is appreciated :-) (how easy these modern USN/AF camo schemes are...) Ingo

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Not really but google is your friend.

More likely RLM 76,82,83 and it still gives you green/green.

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Ron Smith many 262 sites.

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e They make the new build examples but have lots of info on all versions.

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I can't tthink of ANY Luftwaffe a/c after 1941 that was painted

65/70/71 - most likely were the 82/83 greens and then either RLM 76 or 78 on the underside.

The Trumpter 1/32 kit lists 81/82/76 . . .

The CAM decals list 82/83/76 for the Galland / Priller aircraft. . . some -262's even had lots of bare metal undersides . . .. paint got pretty scare toward the end . . .

Joe F.

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