Louisiana ANG Decals

WTB decal sheet for a 1/48 F-4C Phantom II with the Coonass Militia markings
from the Louisiana ANG.
Will also consider the same in 1/32
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Carl Benoit
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Interesting that I would stumble upon your posting. I was on the web looking for a decal-printing service that can print white decals. I was born in N.O. and grew up in Louisiana. I remember the "Coonass Militia" markings on the F-4C's and managed to snag a sheet from Microscale some years ago. However, the "Coonass Militia" script on the decals is incorrect for the plane I'm wanting to build. The decal sheet gives only the stencil script that was on the compass ghost scheme, and not the solid white script as found on the Vietnam-era camo birds. The plane I want to build had the green/brown top, gray bottom, and one kill marking on the intake splitter.
I am going to eventually come up with a composite sheet that I can have printed at a professional print house. This will require scanning the original decals, filling in the stencil gaps, and having the whole thing printed in white.
If you'd like to throw your hat into this effort, we could combine forces to gather as much info as possible and have a few sheets printed in dry-transfer format for the camo birds. I had also considered approaching TwoBobs Decals to have them do a sheet. TwoBobs did some markings for the LANG and the N.O. Navy Reserve and the sheet is gorgeous.
Drop me an e-mail at snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com
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I photographed most of the Coonass Militia F-4Cs in March and May 1983. I'll post my photos on alt.binaries.pictures.aviation for those who are interested. And if ya'll can get Bob Sanchez of TwoBobs interested in doing a decal sheet of these F-4Cs, I'll gladly share my images with him. I've helped him on the wraparound Thud sheet (my photos are on the instruction sheet) and on the upcoming Alaska A-10s and am always gald to help out where I can. Scott R Wilson
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Make that GLAD to help him out... Scott R Wilson
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