Revell 1:48 McDonnell Douglas FG.1 Phantom

Could anyone answer a few questions:

1: Have Revell ever produced a 1:48 FG.1 Phantom with Royal Navy markings? and if so, 2: Is it the same tooling as the Hasegawa 1:48 FG.1 Phantom?

Thanks, Jon.

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Jonathan Stilwell
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Dave Williams

Revell have released the Hasegawa 1/48 FGR2 in RAF schemes recently. It's a great kit with good marking choices and good value - about £5 cheaper than the Hasegawa version. But you do get Revell's cheapo end-opening box and rough instruction sheet.

Revell did previously have a horrible misguided attempt at a British Phantom in the mid 70's, but it was so awful I didn't get it even though I collect Phantoms. It was comparable in shape problems to the early 70's Hasegawa Royal Navy Phantom 1/72 kit. The plastic was olive green with very 'soft' detailing and was not considered a success by most Phantom Phans. IIRC, it was in RAF 111 Sqn tactical scheme and RN Yellow Bird markings of 700P Sqn. It reminded me of a scaled down 'F-4J' with all the big kits same lack of detail. Thankfully the superb Monogram 'short nose' Phantom came out shortly afterwards.

My advice would be to add slatted tailplanes to the new Revell FGR2, get an aftermarket RN sheet and be done with it. Chek Change' boos' to 'bos' in address to email directly

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Well actually sort of. It was the same plastic as their F-4J with RN markings. Not one of their best kits even at the time.

The one I'm thinking about certainly wasn't. I'd like to see Revellogram re-issue the UK phantoms like they did with the -E not long ago.

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Jeff C

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