Revell 1:48 sopwith camel

I've been eying off the 1:48 camels on the shelf of the model shop lately.
There's Eduard, Roden and a Revell. The Revell is priced less than half the
others. Is it any good? What I look for is ease of build (good fit with no
filling or modifying needed) good design (parts not too small, fiddly or
imposible to place) and good detail as well as instructions. How would those
models rate?
Academy also make a 1:32 camel that looks outstanding. Anyone try it?
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Norman Lever
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"Norman Lever" wrote
Close. Roden doesn't make a Camel yet. You may have seen an Eduard, Monogram and Revell though.
It dates back to the sixties(?) when it was an Aurora mould, refurbished some by Monogram and later re-released by Revell.
Not a bad kit for it's age but rather simplified. I built a couple maybe 10-15 years ago when I started to build an occassional 1/48 kit. Nowadays I'd unquestionalbly choose the Eduard kit, which is one of (if not the) best WW1 aircraft kits ever produced.
Even the ordinary Eduard kit (NOT Profipack) has some etched brass details included - seat belts only though. The remainder of the kit is just beautiful and IMO a simple build for a WW1 aircraft. However, the Revell kit is a good bit simpler and will still produce a nice replica
Can't help I'm afraid. Too big for my tastes, and though I can recall many discussions about it I kinda switched off and forgot the conclusions!
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Shane Weier
There is also the Blue Max kit which looks quite good but I would say somewhat more difficult to build, Parts look quite good in the box but these days I would spend the money and go with the Edward kit. To Shane, glad to see you are alive and well ,see you at the QHME in August regards JimboD
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Jimbo D
Back in the fifties Revell made a brace of WWI kits in the rather odd scale of 1/28th. When Academy/Idea were cutting their teeth on the model market they used Revell's 1/28 kit as a "master" to produce the 1/32nd kit. It may suffer from the inaccuracies of the original kit as well as fit problems but shouldn't be too tough. hth
The Keeper (of too much crap)
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Just finished the recent Academy 1/32 Camel F.1 for a buddy. It went together great (mostly), but my example had lots of knock-out marks in awkward places.
Cliff. Jones
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Cliff Jones

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