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Due to other interests and the business of everyday life, I haven't built a model for my own pleasure in quite some time. Just a few kits as Xmas gifts last year.

Yesterday, I made the time to work on vinyl kits of Odo (Deep Space Nine) and Ripley (Aliens) that I picked up over the years. Spent a few hours trimming away vinyl flash, whittling away at resin, and fine-tuning the fit of the parts.

DAMN, but that was relaxing!! Put me in a very good frame of mind.

I want to have a nice production line of kits ready for priming in a couple of weekends. Gonna take another stab at using my long-dormant airbrush.

-- Mike (ODO)

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Mike (ODO)
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I always enjoy an evening at the workbench. It gets one's mind off the everyday crap.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

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