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find flock? The hobby shop that I go to only has it for Railroad layouts.>

You didn't explain why that type of flocking won't work. What exactly are you looking for? FWIW, WallyWorld might have some back in the craft section, or if there's Michael's or Hobby Lobby nearby try them.

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Disco -- FlyNavy

Car model flocking comes in a lot of colors that might be suitable. Try here:



The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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A lot of shops that cater to car builders carry it...in many colors.

Pegasus Hobbies in Ontario, Ca. is the "closest" one to me I can think of..."close" being about a 200 mile trip...

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I tried Michael's about three months ago for a project of mine. The slack-jawed yokel who was wandering around the aisles (I couldn't really say that he was ~working~) only stared at me and stated absolutely that he didn't understand what flocking was. I finally got some at a Hobbytown USA and paid through the nose.....

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The Old Timer

Just hazarding a guess, but modeling flocking comes in many different colors and shades. Railroad flocking ~might~ only come in green, to be used for grass...

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The Old Timer


Ouch, IF 200 miles is a "close" trip, what's a long distance trip???

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And I feel put upon if I have to drive 12 miles just to buy glue...

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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I'm sure you can get it through mail order!

One of many places who carry it is:

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Or do a Google search...


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Peter W.

I tried the following when trying to replicate the real sheepskin seat covers on my 1/24 Suzuki Samurai. Worked like a charm:

Buy a $ 1.50 'lint remover/shaver'. Use lint remover on a woolen (wollen?) sweater of the color you desire. The lint remover cuts all stray hair from the sweater and collects it in a plastic tank. Open it up and find more flocking than you'll ever need.

Ciao Bonehammer

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