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I found this post on the Starship Modeler site, might be worth checking
Hi all~ I'm a longtime admirer of the amazing work posted in and around this
site. I finally happened to notice yesterday that many of you who scratchbuild
use sheet styrene. It struck me as odd, really, because I work in a plastic
factory where we extrude...wait for it.....sheet styrene, in a variety of
colors, thicknesses, and gloss and matte finishes. You'd be surprised at what
we throw away and grind up in a night. Rather than see it go to waste, if I can
be of any assistance in helping you locate sheet styrene for your needs,
please, e-mail me and I'll see what I can get ahold of for you from the scrap
boxes we send out. All I'll ever ask is reimbursement for postage, as I get it
for nothing. We also run varying thicknesses of clear and holographic
laminating film, as well...perhaps it could be useful as a window/canopy? It
starts with a matte finish but clears once a low heat is applied (i.e. a
hairdryer works fine) At any rate, if I can be of any help, please e-mail me
and let me know! Michael 8/2 His email is Bad snipped-for-privacy@insightbb.com
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He sounds like a good egg. And when I start to build my cars I'll know where to turn for material to build the garages with.
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