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United States Air Force: History and Guide to Resources. Provides a
chronological history of the USAF from 1947 through January 2005,
giving a year-by-year listing of combat operations, organizational
changes, selected crashes, introduction and retirements of aircraft
types and weapons systems, record flights, and military space
activities. The extensive Guide to Resources lists hundreds of
information sources dating back to the late 1940s, covering books,
newspapers, and magazines. This is organized into sections dealing with
specific aircraft and weapons types, conflicts, and general reference
softover, 149 pages
cover image:
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CD-based titles:
F-15C Demo Eagle Decal Patterns & Reference
1/32, 1/48, and 1/72 scale Decal patterns in pdf and Microsoft Works
word processor format for this specially marked Eagle from Langley AFB.
These patterns can be used to create decals using color inkjet or color
laser printers and 8.5*11 inch waterslide decal paper (not included)
Requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free at:
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OR a modern word
processor capable of reading Works files. also included are "raw" .bmp
format versions of the patterns that can be manipulated in many
graphics packages
System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP with a 4X or better CD-ROM
drive, at least 64MB RAM recommended for optimal viewing.
Reference Images
This CD also includes an .html format reference page detailing this
particular aircraft, with dozens of high-resolution color images
showing the airframe in extreme detail.
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Dataview #4: F-16
Dataview #4: F-16 tracks the development of the "Viper" from the
original YF-16 lightweight fighter prototype through today's heavily
armed multi-role F-16E/F Desert Falcon. A comprehensive text is
interwoven with over 100 full color thumbnail images, which can be left
clicked to access larger high resolution versions. Areas covered
include the development and US service career of the F-16, service
variants, special purpose and test models, foreign usage, and combat. A
selection of high resolution detail imagery will be of use to modelers.
And as always, there is a comprehensive resource directory to help
locate magazine articles and photos, Internet sites, and modeling
products. No special software is needed - only a modern browser.
System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, at least 64MB RAM. CD-ROM
drive, and a modern Internet browser such as IE 5+, Navigator 7,
Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. An internet connection is
not necessary to view the e-book and images, but is needed to access
external links in the resource directory.
Special - As part of the package, you will also receive a complementary
advance copy of Dataview#5: Trainer Aircraft. This sneak preview, also
in HTML format, contains over 70 high resolution walk-round images of
the T-37B, T-38C, T-1A Jayhawk, T-34C Mentor, and the Jet Provost T.5.
Also included is a resource directory detailing where to find
additional information on a multitude of trainer types.
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Construction Vehicles
Over 330 color images of civilian & military construction vehicles!
Dataview Publishing's latest title offers the chance to relive the
childhood wonder reserved for heavy construction vehicles. Kids have
been awed by bulldozers, big trucks, and cranes for years. Now, with
high resolution walk-around images, reminiscing adults can excavate
exceptional details.
Packaged as a self-starting, easy to navigate CD*, this image
collection is a treasure trove of reference shots for the modeler and
Requires Windows 98/ME/XP, at least 64MB memory for optimum viewing,
8x or better CD drive
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Downloadable Products
1/72 and 1/144th scale F-4F Silver Lobos decal patterns
Decal Patterns depicting six F-4Fs of the recently retired 20th FS, the
last USAF unit to use the Phantom in an operational role. Also a
variety of emblems depicting the 20th FS "Silver Lobos" as well
different versions of the 49th Fighter Wing and Air Combat Command
emblems. Requires waterslide inkjet decal paper and a color inkjet or
color laser printer (not provided). Acrobat Reader is required to
access the file and can be downloaded for free at:
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