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If I heard what I thought I did on the tube last night, someone is coming out with a plastic kit in the near future of this, some 800 pieces I believe they said. Saw a ditty in todays newspaper about the rover and model kits etc but nada about a large 800 piece plastic kit. Anyone else hear anything about one?

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Grandpa wrote in news:TuWdnfeI588vApHdRVn-

It was in todays paper:

3 'kits'

Lego are doing one - 800+ parts - $90

It doesn't mention the names of the others but one is a collectable at $150 and another aimed at museums.

Can't see anything in the online version :-(

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Peter Baxter

Could be the Lego-based one. There was an article in our paper and they mentioned sending kits out to lots of Nobel winners, most of whom were very pleased with them.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

It's the Lego one. 840 parts. Small son got one for Christmas, and I built it over about 8 hours. It looks pretty good, considering it's made from standard Lego Technic parts. (As I understand it, Lego has pretty tough rules about introducing any new parts -- not more than one or two per set, and you, as the designer, have to show how they might be used in other future sets, too). There _were_ a few bits I haven't seen before, but my Technic collection is by no means comprehensive.

Comes out about 14" x12", with a wheel diameter of about 2". Steering works, as does the sampler arm, and a trigger mechanism opens the folded solar array.

Best regards, M.

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Matt Bacon


A less detailed Mars Rover is free and down-loadable at:

formatting link
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed on your computer in order to open this file, free at
formatting link
If you do not already have Acrobat, get it. It is a vey useful program to have because lots of information on the web is now showing up as .PDF files. For example, IRS tax forms. Acrobat will save you a trip to the tax office just to pick up the forms.

You also need a color ink jet printer, some cardstock, an X-acto knife, a cutting board and some white glue. In a pinch, scissors will work, but using the knife with a straight edge and/or french curve will give you more accurate cutouts of the parts.

So if you want a Rover Spirit as a quick and dirty build, to satisfy your "curiousity of the moment" urge, this could be the solution. Build it quick and then get back to that Academy F-18 project. The cardstock Rover is a nice enough model that will delight all but the most advanced AMS sufferers.


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Vess Irvine

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