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Anyone know where I might go to find parts to different models for customizing or kit bashing?

What I'm looking for are pieces such as as laser blasters or something that looks similar. The opened cone shaped nozzles on the rear of a jet fighter. Scoops. etc.... please let me know if you can help at all!

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Paul DiTomaso
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Well, you can find useful things anywhere and everywhere.

One of the best places is the old spares box - all those bits and pieces left over from all those models you've made (well, started anyway:-).

Just keep looking til you find something that looks right.

Many of the movie model shops use a lot of armour kits - though which I can't really say. I suggest you have a read of Scale Models International Novermber 2003 issue which has an article discussing this very issue. It mentions the following Tamiya kits: 35017, 35065, 35091, 35020. And a few Airfix kits like the Saturn V.

Aside from the obvious like rod, tube and sheet, you can find lots of stuff round the house - tips from old pens are a good example.

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Peter Baxter

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