Fun ! The Five Worst Army Men

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And yeah...I had all those little dudes at one point or another...
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I have to concur with the poster who commented on those "500 GIs for $1" (plus 99 cents shipping, of course) on the back of comics in the 1950s. All of them were about an inch high and "flats" which didn't even make good targets for Ol' Blue...
Cookie Sewell
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I've got to concur on the marching Germans. My brother-in-law got my son a "BVattleground" set and when we played with it he took the Americans and left me with the Germans. Too much of my manpower was involved with marching. I went and added some Airfix 1/32 Germans to the mix so I actually had some usable strength. ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
Ah yes, the old Helen of Toy crap. I think there were a few different bandit companies involved, but that's the comic ad that stands out in my memory. Even as a kid I knew there was no way a buck or two was going to deliver on the promise of that ad. I don't recall any of the other kids at school sending off for it - or at least if they did, they never copped to it.
That log cabin they hawked in comic ads was a major no-go too. Even the dumb kids figured the best they'd send you would be a piece of chalk so you could draw a cabin on the sidewalk.
"Look kids - a real concrete foundation!" ;-)
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Here is a pretty nice set of rules for gaming with these classic plastic dudes:
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There is even an important role for that dreaded radio operator and minesweeper!
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Greg Heilers

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