Galactica Regs Laugh at Dumpster-Diving Diddler Edward J. Kohout

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From: (eword) Newsgroups: alt.dumpster Subject: Re: Question For Bear Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 06:52:41 GMT Message-ID:

hard to dive food here. too warm and too many crunchy dumpsters. better for computer parts and drug store stuff. candy is tough, too. you ever want to trade candy for pc parts, tell me.

From: someone and the somebodies Newsgroups: alt.dumpster Subject: Re: Dog food again! Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 Message-ID:

for long hauls, i use a dived airport lugguage roller. in daylight you look like everyone else and ain't parked anywhere suspicious.

From: mighty wah Newsgroups: alt.dumpster Subject: Re: Mo' Goodies Date: 1997/07/24 Message-ID:

maybe you'll get lucky and find some 1% yogurt. i found a case of mixed flavors along with 6 boxes of frosted cheerios 3 months ago. -edward

From: (e) Newsgroups: alt.dumpster Subject: Re: "I never need to buy..."

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