Getting It Dirty White?

Does anyone know of an individual spray paint that's dirty or dingy white? Or lacking that, a combination of primer and some other paint (white) to get a dirty white sort of color?


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I usually overspray with an airbrush but I have seen some folks do it with dry brushing. I have done dust and grime via drybrush technique.

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Don Stauffer


I have :)

I ground up some charcoal and using a soft cloth rubbed it on my model to get that dirty look on The tight corners I got with a small brush that I cut the bristles down on, to get more *force* during application. It was a Hase Ju 87 in winter cammo. Shame it took a bad fall before I ever finished it.....

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Gunze makes an "Off White" that is kinda dingy. Ol' 45

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"Ron" wrote

If you want a uniform shade of "off-white" there are a number of options out there (at least in bottle paints), plus whatever you want to mix on your own.

If you want a white that is randomly dirty or dingy, try mixing up a glaze of about 1 part light gray and 4 parts clear and randomly spraying it over the white. You'll have to experiment with the exact gray and exact color to clear ratio.


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Kurt Laughlin

Try this: Camouflage Gray FS36622

In scale, its a great "dirty" white substitute.

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Kaliste Saloom

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