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I just received some metal castings from Scale Structures Limited via Walthers. The only instructions mentioned some other "Walthers Miniature Cabinetmaker's Manual" which I didn't get. ;-( I emailed Walthers. But...

Can someone provide me instructions or suggestions on preparing these for paint? I know that I have to file some of the flash. But otherwise, do I need to prime? What kind of paint do I use?



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I've always pickled the castings for a few moments in regular white vinegar after washing them throughly in dishwashing detergent.. Use surgeon's gloves so that your hand oils don't get on the surfaces and paint after the parts are dry. For paints I use Floquil lacquer based paint and don't prime. Some people prefer to use some primer first but the Floquil does an excellent job of adhesion to clean metal without a primer.

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Bob May

You want to file off any flash. The real enemy of paint is grease on the metal that prevents the paint from sticking. Start off with a wash in hot soapy water. Rinse in hot water to get rid of the soap. Pickle in acid (supermarket vinegar will do) for a hour or so to put some "tooth" into the metal. Avoid touching the metal with bare hands after pickling, the grease in the human hand will prevent the paint from sticking. Primers are paints that offer a good flat coat for top coats to bond to, and lots of pigment to cover the underlying material in one coat. I use spray cans of auto primer from the auto parts store. Primer is available in red, light gray and dark gray. Pick the primer color to blend with the top coat color, red under red, light gray under white and yellow, dark gray under blue and black. Let the primer dry overnight. Once dry, the primer will accept top coats of any model railroad paint , water base, lacquer whatever.

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