Got some modelling done at last !

Hi all,

Finally broke the modellers block I've been suffering for most of this year, got the airbrush out this morning and started painting.

Managed to get a green base coat, plus a faded coat on the canvas tilt on a Revell Land Rover 109" series III that's been neglected for far too long .

It is also the first time I've had any real success airbrushing Tamiya acrylics, but I'm becoming a convert now, super fast drying time and excellent finish.

I even managed to get a dark wash in on the suspension and transmission, and some detail brush painting done.

At this rate I might have her ready by Christmas.

Happy modelling all.

Ant Phillips 'Standing on the shoulders of giants'

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Ant Phillips
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Ant, Isn't it great! I just finished the first model since January the other day and am loving it! Of course then I threw myself into another retentively stupid project that will not be finished for many moons, but that's the way it goes...


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