Happy Birthday, Royal Air Force

90 years old today.
Formed on All Fool's Day, 1918. :-D No one in the RAF misses that irony!
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Enzo Matrix
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Twice I was Guard Commander at RAF Brampton on 1 April...
First time, I gave 'em a bugle Reveille over the Station Tannoy at 05.45.
The second time, I assembled the oncoming shift with my offgoing shift and we gave a superb and lusty rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" over the Tannoy... Both shifts contained a fair number of the Station Rugby team!
As an Army WO2 working at an RAF Base, I got away with murder!
Happy days...
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Chris Hughes
If they were members of the station's rugby team, I'm surprised that they remembered the words to "Happy Birthday."
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Now, now. It's a *rugby* team. If the tune is simple enough, or obscene enough, they will learn it. Even more so if you offer them beer.
Cheers, Gary B-)
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Gary R. Schmidt
Was the "abatross" motif an April fools gag too? ;o)
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