Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4

Hasegawa web site (as well as Hannants) has a new 1/48 Hasegawa USMC RF-4B
listed for december !!! I think the kit number was PT31 or something like
that !
Excellent news ! Of course, I have two Paragon design nose conversions that
probably will never be used now !
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Danie et Gilles
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Indeed! This is excellent news but I'm in the same boat as you with conversion kits for the RF-4 that may go unused. It's about time, too, as Hasegawa has had all major variants of the F-4 available for a good, long while. I know I'll be up for a couple when they get released. Thanks for the heads-up!
Frank Kranick IPMS/USA 20352
Danie et Gilles wrote:
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
Your choices are limited with this first release. It is a late model RF-4B with the rounded nose and the thick wings. That means if you wanted to model a US RF-4 you can only build one of the last 12 USMC RF-4B phantoms. For more options you would have to swap wings with an F-4B.
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Kevin Seniuk
From my research, only three of the last ten. D&S Part III: USN and USMC Versions; page 54 claims USMC RF-4B production deliveries encompassed BUNO's 157342-157351 and that only the last three (BUNO's 157349-157351) were delivered with rounded noses.
However - I've heard from some Marines I know that some of them were retrofit in the field - check photos of the jet you're modelling to be sure.
Been wanting to convert my 1/32 Revell RF-4C into an RF-4B for some time now...
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Don't throw away those Paragon noses just yet. Looking at some of Hasegawa's recent releases, what you may well get in the kit is the original Hasegawa F4B with a resin nose to make the Rf version.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey

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