Hasegawa FW-190A8

The new Hasegawa kit showed up on the shelves at my local plastic
emporium today. The basic kit is for a basic 190A-8. From the spread of
parts I would say we will eventually see 190A-5 thru 7, and 190F series
with the later blown hood. Also probably a "Rammjaeger" somewhere along
the line.
Quality of molding is typical Hasegawa, decals cover Lt. Hans Dortemann
of 2/JG54 and Fw. Rudolph Artner of 9/Jg5, and swastikas are included,
although a bit out of register. Flaps are dropped, wheel wells are
separate part. Looks like it will make a very impressive model. I would
bet that Klaus & Co. are already working on resin mod kits to make
190A-1 through 4.
It's a good year for 1/32 scale modellers!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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William H. Shuey wrote
The A-5 is due in July and can be pre-ordered now from HobbyLink Japan; see:
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Charles Metz
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Charles Metz

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